NorthStar Outdoor Saunas include the following: 

  • Nordic White Spruce (NWS) interior and exterior
  • Exterior surface must be painted or stained
  • Benches, backrests, and all surfaces that touch the bather: Clear Aspen or Abachi
  • Integral Backrest LED lighting (with RGBW color light therapy)
  • Heater & control: 
    • 4’x6’: 4.5 kW Viki heater with SL2
    • 5’x6’ and 5’x7’: 6.0 kW Viki heater with SL2Heater and control
    • All NorthStar Series includes the SL2 control and mobile app with worldwide functionality
  • Integral floor with waterproof vinyl surface
  • Metal roofing standard
  • All-glass door, bronze tinted glass
  • Sidelite window, bronze tinted, insulated glass

Optional on NorthStar Outdoor Saunas:

  • Soundbar Sound System

NorthStar Outdoor Sauna NSO-56

Similar to the NSO-46 but with one foot of extra depth and a 6 kW Viki heater. It, of course, includes the popular SL2 control with mobile app.

All NorthStar Outdoor Saunas must be painted or stained immediately after installation (see additional paint information in the NorthStar Outdoor Sauna Installation Manual). Choose a color to match the house, or go with a classic Nordic look and paint it black as shown to the right.

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