Water Testing

Forget the pool boy! Our fully trained staff of pool water testing and pool chemistry experts can show you how to care for your pool yourself. With complimentary*, state-of-the-art pool water testing in Pittsburgh, a customized pool treatment plan, and a free pool maintenance chart, we take the guesswork out of pool maintenance. Let us help you stay on top of your pool care routine so that you and your family can make the most of the swimming season!

*Water testing is free with a current history of use of one of our chemical lines, like Baquacil pool chemicals in Pittsburgh, PA.

Free Water Testing Service

Poor water chemistry can cause serious problems to the health of your swimmers and your pool, including skin rashes and circulation pump failure. Many pool owners rely on visual indicators, like murky water, to determine pool water chemistry, but even clear water can be unbalanced. The only way to stay on top of your water chemistry is through weekly water testing.

Water Care

Quality chemicals keep your pool and spa in pristine shape, and we carry a large selection of top-brand chlorine, shock, algaecide, sanitizers, and much more.

Pool Equipment & Parts

Whether you're looking for filters, pumps, heaters, or automated systems, Valley Pool & Spa has what you need. Get the best value on quality equipment to get your pool working efficiently.

Pool Accessories

Our selection of nets, brushes, skimmers, and many more accessories are just what you need to keep the pool clean and in working order.

Spa Accessories

Need to get some new spa maintenance equipment, chemicals, or even a cover? Valley Pool & Spa keeps a large stock of brushes, nets, covers, and anything you need to keep your hot tub or swim spa in pristine condition.

Pool Toys

Our pool and spa stores are your superstore for water toys, games, floats, goggles, masks, tubes, noodles, and every other fun thing for your pool that you can imagine. We guarantee that no one in the Pittsburgh area has the selection of toys and floats that we do! In both our North Versailles, Greensburg, and Monroeville locations there are over 75 feet of shelving dedicated to pool and spa toys and floats.

Our pool toys will take your summer to the next level. Your kids will love our selection of toys and games, and everyone will enjoy lounging in our wide range of pool floats. We also offer floaties and life jackets to keep smaller kids safe in the pool.

Pool Covers

Don’t stress over finding the time to install your new pool cover. Valley Pool & Spa specializes in pool cover installation and we offer a variety of solar covers, winter covers, and safety covers for your pool!

Solar Pool Covers

A solar cover from Valley Pool & Spa will extend the swimming season, save money on chemicals and prevent water evaporation so you refill less often. We offer a variety of covers in different thicknesses, and sizes to cover the most standard pool sizes. Warm your water with the power of the sun. Maintain water temperature and reduce water loss with BioGuard Smart Shield ™ liquid solar blanket. Long lasting results from small dosages!