Put the personal finishing touches on your Finnleo pure sauna experience with our quality-crafted accessories. All Finnleo sauna packages already come complete with a thermometer, bucket, ladle, backrests, light, and heater guard rail. But you can also choose different styles and additional products from our wide assortment. If you already own a sauna, accessories are also a smart and easy way to refresh and update it.


Rento Sauna Accessories

Put the personal finishing touches on your Finnleo pure sauna experience with Rento quality-crafted accessories. Rento helps you to pause for a moment, cleanse your body and purify your soul. Relax and enjoy the Harmony of the authentic Finnish Sauna experience.

  • Aluminum Buckets and Ladles - Aluminum sauna buckets and ladles continue to be the cornerstone of the Rento rage, combining timeless design with user-friendly shapes. The metal parts are color-anodized aluminum, with handles of heat-treated bamboo.
  • Pisara Sauna Bucket Set - The Pisara products are manufactured from a completely Finnish biocomposite called UPM Formi. The durable natural fibre composite is pleasant to the touch and an excellent choice of material for the heat and humidity of the sauna.
  • Bamboo Bucket, Liner & Bamboo Ladle - Bamboo is a beautiful material that goes well together with Finnish sauna seat woods and delights sauna-goers with its naturalness.
  • Sauna Brushes & Scrubs - Bamboo is a rapidly growing and naturally renewable grass. Light and strong, bamboo supports sustainable development and is an ecological alternative to hardwoods. The bamboo-oil-treated surface of these brushes, and their rounded shape, make them very comfortable to use.
  • Sauna Scents - Enhance your sauna experience with special scents from Scandinavia. Scents are available in 13.5 oz (400 ml) and 0.3 (10 ml) sizes.
  • Sauna Soaps - A gentle, softly foaming vegetable-oil-based soap for everyone in the family. The soap has a lovely jute twine cord, so you can hang it within reach whenever you need to wash up. Made in Holland.
  • Aluminum Sauna Thermometer - A sauna thermometer is a small but important piece of equipment to ensure a pleasant sauna experience. The stylish design sauna thermometer complements the range of aluminum products.
  • Pino Sauna Textiles - Soft, light cotton, feels cool, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly.
  • Kenno Sauna Textiles - 75% recycled cotton, soft fabric, vibrant texture.
  • Sauna Whisks - Skillfully dried and packaged Rento sauna whisks retain their scents. Enjoy the circulation-improving effects of a sauna whisk all year round.
  • Spa Cosmetics - The Rento cosmetics range includes stylish bottles and tubes that please the eye of even the most exacting decorator and do not need to be hidden away in cupboards. The products are made in Finland from researched, first-rate ingredients, and the cosmetics range has been granted the Key Flag Symbol.
  • Spa Candles - These elegant soy candles provide any space a warm atmosphere with its light and fragrance, and entices the senses. Burn rate about 24 h.

Classic Sauna Accessories

Finnleo's Classic Sauna Accessories consist of the following and we keep everything stocked in our store:

  • Wood Bucket with Plastic Liner
  • Stainless Steel Bucket & Ladle
  • Wooden Backrest
  • Copper Ladle
  • Wood Ladle
  • Thermometer
  • Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • 5” Thermometer
  • 5” Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • 15-Minute Wooden Sand Timer
  • Pair of Hanging Body Brushes
  • Wooden Sauna Sign
  • Long Handled Body Brush

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