• FREE upgraded Lakeview vinyl liner
  • Widemouth skimmer with accessories
  • FREE upgrade to 1.5HP Cleaner Cartridge or a 2-Speed Cartridge Filter System
  • Sturdy A-Frame ladder with safety gate and lock
  • Dual shut off slice valves for easy filter cleaning
  • Two 6-foot filter hoses and clamps
  • Vacuum hose to fit your pool
  • Debris net
  • Universal wall brush
  • Universal triangle vacuum head
  • Aluminum telescopic accessory pole
  • Thermometer
  • Test Kit / Strips
  • Water sample bottle
  • Personal Maintenance calendar
  • FREE Family Fun Game Set

In addition, our pool and spa specialists at every Valley Pool & Spa location will help guide you to the best above ground pool model for your family and budget. Rest assured that we have a team of professionals to handle the entire process from the initial in-store consultation to delivery, to installation, and the after-the-install startup, use, and care!

Having problems with an existing pool? We also offer above ground pool repair too so that you can keep your pool in optimum condition all summer long.


A heavy-duty 52” steel frame and wall core fashioned from the heaviest gauge steel used in the industry combine with the high-quality acrylic wall finish to create a pool that is well-built and well-suited for any backyard. Available in sizes 12’, 15’, 18’, 21’, and 24’.


Our Sahara pools are a true 52” height wall with a sturdy 7” galvanized steel ledge with polyester base plus Clear Krystal Kote. The extra-deep wall corrugation and state-of-the-art corrosion protection are just some of the engineering features to keep your backyard resort running smoothly and your kids happy. Available in sizes 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, and 30’.


Hot dipped galvanized steel frame, space-age polyester finish, and liquid vinyl coating provide years of lasting beauty and quality. A true 52” wall includes 6” wide steel posts and 2-piece injection-molded high impact resin caps. Available in sizes 15’, 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, and 30’.


The Revelle Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds. Resin 7” true round top ledge design gives this pool a modern and clean look. Non-corrosive, lifetime guaranteed resin bottom and top stabilizer systems will keep your pool looking great and lasting for many years to come.


The Victoria is an award-winning true round hybrid design with engineering that goes above and beyond what the average pool consists of. This model has a 7” resin top ledge, strong non-corrosive resin bottom, and top rails that keep it looking its best for a very long time.


The Tamara is the world’s most stylish above ground pool as well as the most versatile. Use any chemical system including salt to keep your water clean in this pool. It is rated highly for salt generated swimming pools. This true round 52” tall resin pool has 7.5” wide uprights to reflect the sleek design.


The Emerald pool is a certified saltwater above ground pool! A 54" deep model which features resin fixtures with the utmost beauty. Contoured resin top ledges are shaped in a circular, sleek design giving a perfect round form.


The Mission pool is the most highly durable above ground pool with Matrix quality resin and support structure. The corrugated, 54” tall pool wall allows the Mission to be a highly rated pool for a certified salt generation.

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