As Summer starts to fade away, the leaves begin to fall, and the cold temperature plagues the land, the unfortunate realization that our swim days are numbered begins to sink in, and the dreaded “Pool Closing” procedure has you stressed beyond belief. Winter is coming.

”What do I need to close my pool?”

”What will my water look like when I open next year?”

Winter pool
Closing your pool when winter comes is always a sad time. Follow the correct steps to get swimming faster in the spring!

It’s inevitable…Winter is Coming! Luckily, Valley Pool & Spa has you covered, and in more ways than one! Get ready for an easy, stress-free experience that will have you in the clear from the moment you throw on the cover until the time you take it off again next season.

Closing your pool has never been so easy. At Valley Pool & Spa we will supply you with everything you need to make this winter a peaceful experience, including a personalized closing tip sheet that will list everything you need from chemicals (We have closing tip sheets for all of the top chemical lines available), to your winter cover and accessories. Here is a basic run down of what is typically featured on a Valley Pool and Spa Closing Tip Sheet:


Opening your pool to clear, clean, and healthy water next season is essentially based on how well you balanced your pool water BEFORE closing. It is extremely important that you balance total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness to the ideal levels before adding winter chemicals. Always remember any water is very corrosive, and not balancing properly may, not only lead to problems with your water, but problems with your liner and pool equipment and we all know how pricey that can be!


At Valley we have Winter Kits that range from smaller pool sizes, up to 30,000 gallons of water…and if you have more than 30,000 gallons of water in your pool, no need to worry, we have your lake, I mean pool covered as well! Using the winter kits are simple and effective with clear cut directions and only three steps to follow along the way (Only two steps to follow at 10,000 gal or under).

  1. Dry Winterizer Powder
  2. Liquid Winterizer or Stain and Scale (For Metal Control and Calcium Control)
  3. Non Chlorine Shock

When it comes to covering your pool, make sure you do it right the first time. Nobody ever admitted they want to cover the pool a second time in the winter! The closing tip sheet will not only tell you how to properly cover your pool, but it will also inform you of all the wonderful accessories in stock at Valley Pool & Spa that are ideal for a safe, and proper pool closing.

  1. Gizzmo/Wizzmo/Skimmer Guard -Threaded into the skimmer basket to prevent cracking or damage from freezing conditions
  2. Eyeball Removal Tool -Makes taking out your return simple and hassle free
  3. Vinyl Pillow -Used in conjunction with your pool winter cover for ice compensation
  4. All-In-One Filter Cleaner -Always clean your filter before placing it away for the season to ensure proper filtration for the following year.
  5. Wall Bags -Used to keep the cover weighted down and in place
water bags
Water bags can help hold down the cover in high wind areas.

TIP: Never use gallon jugs or detergent bottles as weights for your cover. Any damage that occurs will not be covered under warranty!

Always remember that closing your pool too early can lead to unwanted issues as well, like algae growth and other scary intruders. Do not close the pool until the water can stay consistently at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

algae pool
Don’t let closing early make this your spring opening…

Keep on swimming into September, and once the dreadful winter arises to terrify, make sure your prepared to fight the battle this year! The educated staff at Valley Pool & Spa will be glad to stand by you during your journey! 

Thanks for reading!