Don’t let your pool be a “birden”. Keeping your pool in pristine condition isn’t always an easy task, and having to deal with birds using your pool as a public bathroom certainly won’t make your situation any easier. Whether you’re dealing with ducks, humming birds, or pigeons, the end result is always the same a giant mess! Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to take care of this “birden” (burden)! Here are just a few quick and easy ways to make those pesky feathered creatures migrate to your neighbor’s pool instead of yours.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking- No, I don’t mean to blow up the birds, as that would be terrible! I’m talking about blowing up your inflatable rafts. Not Grandma’s reading raft either. Large intimidating animal rafts. Birds are easy frightened, and having a large float in the pool may deter them from wanting to take a swim. The best floats to use in this situation would be an alligator, shark, dolphin, whale, or snake which are all available at your nearest Valley Pool & Spa!

Use an inflatable raft to scare birds away from swimming in YOUR water.

Having a Solar Cover on your pool can give multiple benefits throughout the season. Solar Covers help retain heat and also work in keeping dirt and debris from entering the water. If you are having issues with birds or ducks flying around your pool area, chances are they have laid waste in your pool, which is certainly disgusting and could increase your chances of catching a disease or infection if the water is not properly sanitized. Having a Solar Cover will limit the amount of bird waste that enters the pool and prevent them from swimming all together when you’re away from the house.

solar blanket
Keep your water free from bird dropping and disease by keeping a solar cover on the water when not in use.

Having an automatic pool cleaner watching over your pool is not only spectacular for limiting the amount of physical maintenance that you have to do in order to keep your pool clean, but it also works as security, limiting the amount of birds that infest your water. As it was discussed above, birds are easily frightened, and in most cases the slightest noise or movement will cause them to migrate elsewhere. Imagine the look on their faces when they see your pool cleaning robot patrolling the water. At Valley Pool & Spa, we have some of the best automatic pool cleaners on the market, including the Dolphin Series from Maytronics! Even if you don’t have a bird problem, automatic pool cleaners will completely change the way that your weekly pool maintenance is done, leaving you to just sit back and watch your pool look great!


Keeping the water moving is a great way to keep birds at bay. Hook up a simple fountain or sprinkler to your pool, not only for great visual ambiance but also to help in reducing the amount of birds that take a dip in your pool water. The effect of the water splashing around, as well as the noise that the fountain produces will certainly bother the birds, and make them want to swim elsewhere. Some waterfalls and fountains are as easy as threading into your existing swimming pool return or using a battery operated fountain. Valley Pool & Spa stocks a wide range of fountains that use electric, battery, or the pressure from your existing filtering system.

Aqua Jet
Fountains keep the water moving and create sounds that helps keep birds from landing in your pool for a dip.

As always continue with the 4 basic steps of pool care (Filtration, Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemicals) to keep your pool sparkling clean with or without the help of your feathered friends. 

Thanks for reading!