Are you one of those people that fight through the crowds for Black Friday deals? Maybe you get an adrenaline rush from fighting over a $20 Blu-ray player or $4 pajama bottoms. If you’re anything like me, you want to make Black Friday worth it and get the most bang for your buck. I strategically plan where and when to go on Black Friday while looking at sales before and after the crazy holiday weekend! 

Black Friday Stampede
Don’t get trampled this Black Friday! Shop at Valley Pool & Spa!

One place that is always a “must stop” store is Valley Pool & Spa. For the last six years they have been offering the same Black Friday “once-a-year” sale and every year it is the best stop on my list. At Valley Pool & Spa they offer “Black Friday” gift cards that can only be purchased between the Friday after Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday. These special cards are only available in certain dollar increments which are normally not advertised until the week before the sale. This year the available increments are $100, $200, and $300. The gift cards can be purchased for pool or spa chemicals, equipment, toys, rafts, pretty much anything in the store except very large ticket items like pools or spas. Here’s the best part of the whole sale- Black Friday gift cards are 50% off! That’s right, you pay half for a gift card. So if you want a $300 gift card you are only paying $150!

Black Friday deals at Valley Pool & Spa
Black Friday Deals at Valley Pool & Spa 2017

Think about it…if you know that you spend $310 every summer on pool chemicals you can purchase your Black Friday gift card and use it all summer long for any chemicals you might need (and you’re getting it 50% off every time!) So instead of $300 coming out of your pocket only 150 of your hard earned dollars are going to keep your pool clean and healthy for your family which means you can put that extra $150 towards new landscaping or maybe stock it away for a fancy vacation. 

Caribbean Blue Chemicals
Get your chemicals for half price by buying a Black Friday Gift Card!

Here’s the other great thing about the Valley Pool & Spa Black Friday Gift Card Sale. You know you need a new liner for the following summer, now you can plan on buying that $400 pool liner and save $150 right away! During the sale you can always put your liner on lay-a-way with only 25% down and purchase a gift card to buy all your additional installation materials or accessories when you are ready to have the liner installed! 

There is one little restriction to the Black Friday gift card promotion, it can not be combined with any additional offers or coupons. This means that if there is a sale during the summer when chemicals are 20% off you can not use your Black Friday card and still get the 20% off (you got 50% off when you bought the gift card which is the better deal). Totally understandable and totally worth it. 

Stop in to your local Valley Pool & Spa this year during Black Friday through Cyber Monday to purchase your Black Friday card along with many other sales and promotions!

Check out Valley Pool & Spa- Current Promotions for more details!

Happy Shopping!