hot tub repair Pittsburgh pa

A hot tub is a fantastic way to enjoy being in the water long after the weather has gone cold. With autumn in full swing, it’s time to take a look at your hot tub and see if it needs any repairs.

Murky/Cloudy Water

When you look into your spa, you should be able to see all the way down to the bottom. If the water is murky, cloudy, foamy, or discolored, you should not get into the spa. If it has been a while since the hot tub has been cleaned, you should rinse the filters, clean out the hot tub, and chemically treat the water. If this does not work, or the problem recurs, you should call a professional for hot tub repair.


Your spa will naturally smell like chlorine, as it contains chemicals to keep the water clean. However, if you begin noticing a foul, pungent odor when you use your hot tub, you may have a problem. It could be a result of dirty filters or contaminants in the water. Deep cleaning can usually resolve this issue, but if it does not, you should call a hot tub repair specialist.


If you notice water pooling outside of your spa, or the water level is much lower than usual, this is a sign that your hot tub is leaking. Do not attempt to fix leaks on your own, or you could further damage your hot tube. Instead, call Valley Pool & Spa for hot tub repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

These are just three of the signs that your hot tub needs professional attention. Stay tuned for our next post where we will discuss two more warning signs, as well as prevention tips for your spa.