hot tub repair Pittsburgh pa

In our last post, we discussed how murky water, foul odors, and leaks are sure signs that you need to call a technician for hot tub repair in Pittsburgh, PA. Here are two more warning signs that you need a hot tub repair specialist:


If your hot tub does not have a cover, it can be vulnerable to algae growth. Even covered hot tubs occasionally experience algae problems if they have dirty or old filters, their filters are ineffective, or the water is not treated properly. Sanitize the water and clean your filter, or replace the filter entirely. If the problem persists, call a professional.

Fluctuating Temps

Your hot tub should maintain a steady, hot, temperature. If your spa water is lukewarm or cold, check to make sure everything is working correctly and plugged in. If everything is plugged in correctly, but the water still won’t heat up, it could be an issue with your thermostat. If your spa is not the correct temperature, and loss of power to the hot tub is not the issue, you should call a hot tub specialist.


You can prevent problems with your hot tub by cleaning it on a regular basis, cleaning and replacing filters, using the proper chemical treatments, shocking the water, and draining and refilling your spa every three or four months.

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