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In our last post, we showed you the first five steps in the pool winterization process. Here are the final seven steps:

Remove Accessories – Remove all ladders, diving boards, and handrails and clean them. Store them in a cool dry place so they are ready for next season.

Remove Lights – Remove all of the lights and save them in a dry place, wrapped in plastic.

Drain the Pump – Remove the plugs from your pump to drain it and remove all water from the housing and strainer compartment using a wet/dry shop vac. Add pool antifreeze to the pump housing. If you have cast-iron pumps, use a lubricant on the drain-hole threads to prevent corrosion.

Remove the Motor – Disconnect the power leads and remove the motor from the pump housing. Keep it in a warm, dry place during the winter.

Remove Timer Lugs – If you have a timer, remove the lugs and set it to “off.” You should also remove any circuit breaker fuses and turn off the circuit breaker.

Clean the Filters – Use a sand cleaner to backwash the sand filters, about 3 times longer than you usually do. Next, remove the drain plug, open the drain cocks and air relief on the filter, and then position the multi-port valve to the winter setting. Completely drain all the filters.

Place the Cover – Last but not least, secure the cover to the pool.

When you need equipment for your swimming pool in Pittsburgh, PA, turn to the pool experts at Valley Pool and Spa. Our friendly staff is here to help you through the winterization process this fall.