Having a hot tub during the holidays is probably the best investment you have ever made but did you know that you can make the hot tub experience even better? People who own hot tubs fit in a couple different categories and no matter which category you fall under, Valley Pool & Spa has something to make your spa experience the best you’ve ever had. 


You purchased a large hot tub for parties, entertaining, or just to prove to the Jones’s that you are better than them. Well nobody can have a party without fun additions! Your spa might already have lights, a waterfall, and a stereo but have you ever thought of enhancing the fun with floating drink holders or light up rubber ducks? Valley Pool & Spa has all of the best “entertaining” enhancing products you could want for your hot tub during this party season. 

hot tub party
Make sure you have everything to make your hot tub party memorable!

Therapeutic Guru- 

Your back, feet, and neck always hurt from long days on the job or an old football injury that you just can’t shake. You bought your hot tub because of the therapeutic massage jets to mend your sore and aching muscles and joints. Now is the time to take your hot water therapy to the next level. Valley Pool & Spa carries spa aroma therapy crystals specifically for aching muscles and joints. Stop in to see the wide array of muscle, joint, and even sport therapy aromas that are simply added to the water to help aid repair to your body. 

Rx Therapy Crystals
Use aroma therapy crystals to help along soothing aches and pains.

Romantic Couple-

So you just got married or had an anniversary and wanted to indulge in a romantic way to spend “together” time at home. You might have a two person hot tub that has mood lighting and jets to melt away the stress of the day so you can enjoy each others company. A lot of studies say that moods are dramatically influenced by smells. Why not enhance the mood in your spa with romantic Strawberries and Champagne or Mimosa aroma crystals by Spazazz which can be purchased at your nearest Valley Pool & Spa. Don’t forget the candles and wine!

Not only is a hot tub good for your physical health but unplugging and focusing on loved ones will help to make your mental health stronger.

Overworked Mama-

You work full-time, cook dinner, help with homework, carpool to soccer practice, send Christmas cards, sew costumes, and somehow manage to plan Thanksgiving and Christmas extravaganzas at your house because you had a second of weakness and couldn’t tell your in-laws no. You bought a hot tub to have alone time and to melt away stress of life and the holiday season. It’s ok, Mama, Valley Pool & Spa has your back. While your bring your water in to be tested take a look at the relaxing inflatable head rests, stop and take a deep breath while you smell the amazing InSparations aroma elixirs. Do yourself a favor and pick up a magazine, a bottle of wine, and a sample packet of InSparations pillow aromas. Go home and slip into your magical stress-relieving hot water spa and give yourself the pat on the back you deserve… until the baby starts to cry. 

Relax and let Valley Pool & Spa take care of you.

If you don’t fall into one of these spa owner categories it’s probably because you don’t currently own a hot tub. Don’t fret, Valley Pool & Spa also has yours ready for you. Now until the end of December all Valley Pool & Spa stores are offering FREE Lay-a-way on hot tubs until June 1, 2018. For more information check out 

Happy Soaking!