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There is nothing quite like being able to jump into your beautiful, refreshing swimming pool during the heat of the summer. To make sure you are able to do this when you please, it is important for you to receive pool maintenance in Pittsburgh to reduce potential problems.

While their frequency can be reduced with these routine services, eventual repairs are unavoidable. So what are some of the warning signs to look for to know when you need to call out your pool repair professional? Some of the most common signs include:

Cracked Walls – A crack usually means one thing: a water leak. These water leaks not only waste water, but can weaken and erode the soil surrounding your entire pool structure.

Unclean Water – If you are keeping your water properly treated, but still noticing dirty or cloudy water, then there could be a problem with your pipework. No amount of cleaning and treating will be able to deliver the crystal-clear water you want if you are dealing with problems with your filter, pump, or pipes.

Peeling Plaster – The chemicals used to keep your pool safe and attractive have to be mixed perfectly or else they can begin to peel the plaster off of your surfaces. Once plaster begins to wear thin, the erosion will only get worse.

Very Cold Water – Having a pool heater helps you enjoy the water even as temperatures begin to cool down. If your heater isn’t properly warming your water, however, then there could be a problem with the heater or airflow into your pool.

Broken Lights – The lighting in and around your pool not only helps to keep your space attractive, but also helps to keep you and your guests safe. Repairing these lights aren’t the same as replacing a bulb in your house however, which means it is best left to the professionals.

Just ask the experts at Valley Pool & Spa how to keep your pool in pristine shape all year long at ValleyPoolSpa.com.