two kids in a pool

When most people think about pools they tend to think of the more traditional in-ground pools, but there is another option that may just be a lot better for your home: aboveground pools. Pittsburgh pool installers from around the area have been helping homeowners understand the unique advantages these aboveground options.

So what is so great about aboveground pools? A number of reasons! Take a look for just a few of them:

Affordability – Looking to enjoy the pool experience while sticking to a budget? Aboveground pools come at a price that makes sense for your family without compromising any of the quality.

Increased Layout Options – Choosing an aboveground pool means getting to choose the shape, size, and construction materials you would like to us as well. You are able to create your dream pool while remaining in complete control over the look, layout, and budget.

Speedy Installation – Want to be able to take a dip in your new pool right away? Most aboveground pools can be installed much faster than their in-ground counterparts. There are a number of different factors that go into your pools installation time, so make sure you talk to your pool installers for an estimate.

Increased Safety – Because of their higher entry point, there is a lower risk of accidental falls into an aboveground pool compared to an in-ground option. Still, it is important that—no matter what type of pool you choose—you install the proper safety features, including a tall fence, to reduce the risk of accidents.

Easy Maintenance – It takes a lot less time, money, and chemicals to keep your aboveground pool looking its very best.

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