How to throw the best hot tub party

Once you finally get the hot tub of your dreams everyone will start to ask you “When is the party?” If you don’t want to disappoint your friends and family here are some tips on how to throw the best hot tub party.

Every party has a theme, our favorites for hot tub parties are beach theme, pamper night, cinema movie night, and luau theme. Once you have picked your theme you want to make sure you make the best of it by creating the mood of the party to match the theme. Every hot tub party doesn’t have to be extravagant so you can get as crazy as you want with food, decorations, and gifts for your guests.

Here are some tips we think will create the best hot tub party your guests will remember for a long time.


Any party food you decide to serve, serve on a skewer! Since people will be in and out of the hot tub the best party food should be easy to eat in bite size pieces on a stick! Think of the possibilities!

Fruit kabobs

Meat and cheese

Corn Dogs

Caprese salad on a stick

Cake pops

Also serve any beverages in plastic glasses to avoid any accidents in the hot tub!


Outdoor lighting is a must for any hot tub party. Add to the lighting that comes with your hot tub by including some patio string lights, fairy lights, or even dig out some old Christmas lights and string them around your party area. (of course keeping all electric away from the hot tub.)

Games! Get a couple decks of waterproof playing cards or bring back games from your childhood like Charades or Never Have I Ever. Your guests will break the ice and close the conversation gap to keep the party going!


The best parties are all about all 5 senses. You taste the food, see the outdoor lights, feel the jets and the hot water so what about the smell? Add a spa aroma to your water before your guests arrive to add that little extra party pop to make your guests be amazed at your attention to detail! Spa aromas come in all different types and scents, pick up either crystals or liquids to add to the water but always follow the directions for the amount to use!

Insparations- Happy Hour

Lastly… music! You don’t want awkward silence during your party so turn on your favorite playlist to go with the theme of the party. Don’t turn it up too loud that you can’t talk to each other but as something to fill the silence if everyone isn’t super chatty.

Keep these five tips in mind during any hot tub party and your guests will be amazed at your creativity and party planning expertise! Throw them for a loop by giving a small token of your friendship either at the beginning of the party or when they leave like a personalized towel, After spa lotion, Spa fragrance samples to use in their bathtub, a rubber duck, or slippers. Again, go as crazy as you want and no matter what, your guests will feel appreciated!


Bonus tip: After every party or gathering in your hot tub always clean (at least rinse) the filter and add some type of chlorine free oxidizer to the water with the cover open for at least 30 minutes after your guests leave. This will keep your water fresh and won’t have you wake up the next morning with a cloudy (sometimes stinky) mess to deal with.