man testing swimming pool water

When a lack of proper circulation and lots of sunshine mix together, they can create the potential for icky algae all over your pool. Having special pool cleaning chemicals on hand and knowing how to combat this problem go a long way toward keeping your investment clean. Local companies like Valley Pool & Spa often have tools and resources to help maintain swimming pools in Pittsburgh, PA.

One of the first actions to take upon spotting algae is to run the pump more often and have the water tested frequently. Be sure to remove floats, toys, grass, and leaves, so that the pool can stay clean. What comes next depends on the type of algae:

Green Algae: A fast-growing variety often found on pool steps or in corners. Prevention via maintenance is best, but brushing and superchlorination can help too.

Yellow Algae: This type of algae spreads more slowly than green but it is harder to get rid of. Only superchlorination and routine maintenance will work.

Black/Blue-Green Algae: This is the worst of the algae, as it penetrates your pool’s surface. Use a stainless steel brush immediately when you spot it.

Pink Algae: The pool’s water line is where pink algae usually appear, and thankfully it’s the easiest to deal with. Brushing and sanitizing usually does the trick.

Care for any swimming pools in Pittsburgh, PA, isn’t complete without algae protection. A little growth can spread fast and ruin your investment. Get all of the pool chemicals you need to keep your pool free of algae at Valley Pool & Spa.