Can you lift your hot tub cover? If not, it is definitely time to purchase a new cover for your spa. Ordering a new hot tub cover can be extremely easy with the help of Valley Pool & Spa

Hot tub covers are only supposed to last five years due to the moisture build up and wear and tear from the weather. You may get more life from it if the cover is for an indoor spa. However no matter what cover is purchased all covers have the same pros and cons. Here is how to purchase a hot tub cover for your spa that will keep utility bills down, keep debris out, and not break your wrist when you want to take it off to enjoy your spa. 

Measuring for your spa cover is as easy as using a ruler. Simply measure the length and width of your spa A= length B= width. If you have a round spa you simply measure the diameter which means measure across the middle from side to side. You want to make sure the measurements are taken from the very outside edge of the spa so the cover is not measured too small. Take a look at the chart below for hot tubs that are not a rectangle, square, or circle shape. 

hot tub cover template
This template shows what measurements are needed to order a custom spa cover.

Next is measuring the corners. If you have 90 degree corners without any rounded edges then no need to measure the corner but like most newer models the corners are rounded. Most people are stumped by this measurement but it’s actually quite easy once you know what to do. This measurement is called a corner radius. What you will need to take the measurement is a larger piece of paper or cardboard, a pencil, and a ruler or measuring tape. 

  1. Place the cardboard or paper over top of the corner letting half hang off the edge of the hot tub corner.
  2. Trace the corner of the hot tub from straight edge to straight edge on the paper or cardboard. (This is easier if you trace from the bottom side of the paper or cardboard.)
  3. Now that you have your corner traced find the “breaking point” or where the curve of the corner straightens out. (see the chart below)
  4. Measure the breaking point to the top of the corner. You can also use a T-square if you have one handy for this part. This measurement will be the radius of your corner. 
corner radius measurement
The breaking point is where the curve straightens to a line.

To prolong the life of your spa cover invest in what is called a cover lift. Many different styles are available at Valley Pool & Spa. The cover lift helps not only to lift the cover off of the spa but also keeps it from touching the ground which can damage the vinyl on the cover creating holes, snags, and other damaged areas that let water in from the outside causing the cover to get heavier, faster. 

hot tub cover lifter

Another way to keep your cover lighter, longer is to let your spa “breathe” daily. Remove the cover every day or at least open it half way daily to release any gas build up from the chemicals in the water. Cleaning the underside of the cover will also prevent unwanted smells and mildew. 

For more tips and tricks on hot tub maintenance visit our Chemical Specialists at Valley Pool & Spa. Open year round for you! 

Happy Hot Tubbing!