Finding time to exercise can be tough. Our daily tasks are unlimited and although you may want to start a weight loss regimen, finding the time and energy to accomplish your goal may seem nearly impossible. What if there was a way to start losing weight by just sitting back and relaxing? Exercise while relaxing in your hot tub. Many studies have shown that owning a hot tub and relaxing in your spa daily can slowly help in losing weight, and even help remove cellulite!

Relaxing in a spa can reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym or can help you have the energy to work out longer!

Recent studies have shown that using your spa regularly can aid in weight loss by simulating exercise and making your body feel as if it has undergone a regular physical workout routine. The hydrotherapy received from soaking in a spa will cause your blood vessels to dilate, which relaxes your muscles and improves circulation. This, in turn will raise your heart rate, similar to someone who is working out at the gym or jogging…The main difference between the two is that although your heart rate will rise in the spa, your blood pressure will not… in fact it will lower, making a soak in the spa even healthier than a workout at the gym.

Relaxing in a spa daily can cut down stress and reduce cellulite due to warm water and jet therapy.

The fatty deposits that develop around the hips, buttocks, and thighs are known as cellulite. Cellulite can be extremely difficult to remove and even impossible in some cases for people over 30 years of age. Research has shown that improving circulation in these areas will help in decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Being in your hot tub will stimulate your blood vessels, which will cause better circulation throughout each of the critical cellulite areas. The hydrotherapy from your spa will also tone your body tissue, which reduces swelling and reduces fluid retention. Take all of those factors into account and you should certainly notice a difference in the amount of cellulite your body produces.

Not only is a hot tub good for your physical health but unplugging and focusing on loved ones will help to make your mental health stronger.

            Owning a spa comes with an endless amount of health benefits, far beyond weight loss. If you’re curious to a few, check out our Health Benefits of a Hot Tub blog on the Valley Pool and Spa website. Stop into Valley Pool & Spa today to check out our huge selection of spas, and learn a lot more about each of these benefits, as well as our end of summer low pricing! I think it’s time you take a seat, enjoy the heat, and relax your way towards the best exercise you’ve ever experienced!

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