We all dread the time of the year when we have to close the pool up for the winter. The Pool Experts at Valley Pool & Spa have put together winter pool care tips and tricks to help you make that dreadful time go quicker and easier than ever before! 

winter pool care tips

Know the size of your pool-

Knowing the size and amount of gallons in your pool will help you not only save money on chemicals but will keep you from under balancing the water in the winter which causes issues such as algae when opening the pool in the spring. A quick and easy way to know your pool size is by measuring across the diameter of the pool from inside wall to inside wall.

A great way to calculate your pool gallon-age is by using this handy Pool Gallon Calculator or doing it the hard way…  Multiplying the radius in feet × the radius in feet × 3.14 × average depth in feet × 7.48

Either way you figure the gallons for your pool be sure to have your water tested professionally before adding chemicals to close. Valley Pool & Spa locations offer Free Water Testing to all customers. 

Get a cover that suites your needs- 

Winter pool covers come in all shapes and sizes. By knowing the conditions that hit your backyard you can pick out the perfect pool cover for the winter months. Ask yourself these questions…

Do I get strong gusts of winds in my yard? 

Do I have trees that will shed their leaves? 

Is my in-ground pool able to be a safety issue when covered with snow? 

Will animals be able to get into my pool?

Can young children or pets be a safety concern with your pool before opening next spring? 

Look for strong covers, leaf covers, or even safety covers for your pool to determine the best fit for you and your family to keep safe and hassle free. The experts at Valley Pool & Spa are always available to help pair you with the cover best suited for your pool. 

Safety covers are ideal for in the ground swimming pools with concrete patios lining the outskirts of the pool. To get a quote on a custom safety cover visit any Valley Pool & Spa store or click here.

Learn about new products-

Valley Pool & Spa stores are known for bringing in new inventions that help save time, money, and create more family time for you to enjoy your pool. Take a look at some of the inventions to come out in the last few years. The Pillow Pal, the Ultimate Cover, Winter Cover Wrap, Cover Blox and more! Each does a different job to cut down on time taking care of your pool. 

Pillow Pal- Learn how the Pillow Pal can keep you from chasing the air pillow around your pool all winter long! Never tether your pillow again while saving your pool from ice build up which can cause damage to your liner and pool walls. 


The Ultimate Cover- New to the cover line up at Valley Pool & Spa, this cover is great for areas with well water that can make it difficult to top off the pool in the spring, debris which can make pumping off a cover difficult, and high winds which blow up and under a cover creating a parachute effect. The Ultimate cover comes equipped with a six inch fine mesh drainage panel to allow the rain and snow to pass through into the pool while leaving dirt, debris, and other contaminants on the cover. The best of both the mesh and solid cover worlds the Ultimate cover also keeps high gust winds from lifting the top rails of the pool with its patented system. 

Winter Cover Wrap- Even though Winter Cover Wrap has been available throughout the seasons it is still a time saver that not too many people understand. Winter Cover Wrap is a UV protected layer of thin plastic used to wrap tightly around the base of a winter cover for an above ground pool up to the top rails. Wrapping the Winter Cover Wrap tightly ensures that the wrap will never shrink or fall off during the winter, keeping the cover tight and the ability for wind to get underneath at bay. 

Cover Blox or Hold Em’ Downs- Here is one for the In-ground pool owner. Get rid of your vinyl water tubes and invest in a set or two of Hold Em’ Downs. These weather resistant durable polyurethane cover weights will not roll, tear, or spring a leak. Easy to store by stacking inside one another or use as gardening boxes in the spring. Available in a case of six and measure three foot long. 

There are many more winter pool care tips that can be found inside Valley Pool & Spa! Stop in to any location to get your very own personalized Winter Tip Sheet along with a free water test. Close your pool the Valley way and eliminate your stress in the spring when opening! 

For the entire Valley Pool & Spa winter booklet and added coupons on all the new products in this article check out Current Promotions & Coupons.

Don’t want to do it yourself, save yourself time and call or stop in! Valley can handle closing your pool this season. Get a quote here- CLICK HERE FOR POOL CLOSINGS.

Happy Fall,