Why does the summer have to be so short? Extend your pool season by cranking up the pool heater one last time and throwing a Halloween Spooktacular Pool Party! Here are some awesome ways to decorate, use pool toys, and make your guests drop their jaws when they walk into your party this fall. 

First come up with a theme for your Halloween pool party. We recommend keeping it simple, pumpkins, skeletons, witches, spiders, etc. Stick with the theme throughout the decorations, food, and games. 

The fruit of the season that floats in the pool, the pumpkin, makes amazing decor, food, and game time fun! If the theme of your party is pumpkins, go crazy and throw pumpkins in the pool for the kids to grab! Hollow out a pumpkin to use as a dip bowl, have an assortment of pumpkin goodies for  your guests to nibble on during the party, carve Jack-O-Lanterns for all around the pool wall and yard! 

Other items that can float in the pool to give a spooky effect are things like glow sticks, rubber gloves filled with air and glow sticks, pumpkin treat pails with a glow stick or battery operated votive light inside. Be creative, use your pool as a canvas to make a splash at your party!

Talking about splashing, use decorations that are water resistant such as pool noodles! Pool noodles are a great way to get creative a spooky at your party! For ideas on how to use your noodle follow Valley Pool & Spa on Pinterest, Ways to Use your Noodle

Even add noodles into your costume ideas! Right now you can find noodles super discounted and craft until your heart is content. Valley Pool & Spa currently has a coupon for Buy 2 Get 1 Free on any toy, pool noodles included! 

Now that you have the costume, decorations and games let’s talk about food! Whether you are catering to adults or children, everyone loves a good Halloween themed buffet. You can be as elaborate or simple as you want to get. Create hot dogs wrapped in cresent rolls to make “Mummy dogs” or go the extra length and create a body shaped Charcuterie board! Find so many of these ideas and more on the Valley Pool & Spa Pinterest board, Halloween Pool Parties

Now send out the invites and get the party started! Don’t forget to put out some Witch’s brew and some scary soundtracks to complete the spooky ambiance! Have fun and be sure to post your Halloween Spooktacular Pool Party photos to Valley Pool & Spa

Happy Haunting!