automatic pool cleaners pittsburgh

Having a pool is a wonderful thing in the summer, but it also comes with some responsibilities. Keeping your pool clean can be a chore, but there are some tools you can use to make the process easier. Choosing the right pool cleaner for your pool ensures that you and your family can swim safely – all summer long.

Manual Cleaners –Manual pool cleaners include brushes and skimmers that can be attached to a telescoping pole. While these cleaners are time-consuming, they are also a great upper-body workout and much more affordable than other cleaners. If you don’t have a big budget for pool cleaning, or you like the meditative task, these tools are for you.

Handheld Vacuums – Handheld pool vacuums are another manual pool-cleaning tool that you would use the same way you use a floor vacuum. These vacuums are inexpensive and good for pool owners on a tight budget. Remember, the larger the pool is, the longer it will take to vacuum it. Handheld vacuums are probably best for those with smaller pools.

Suction Pool Cleaners – Suction cleaners connect to the water intake of your pool’s filtration system and use the suction of the pool pump to collect debris. The pool pump needs to be running while the vacuum is in use, so they do use more electricity than other cleaning methods. If your pool has an existing pump that is in good condition and properly-sized, this pool cleaner may work for you.

Automatic Pool Cleaners – There are also robotic pool cleaners on the market that can clean your pool independent of other systems. Out of all the different types of pool vacuums, automatic pool cleaners are the most energy-efficient because they are entirely self-contained. Some even have remote controls that allow you to spot clean. An aboveground pool that does not have a skimmer basket is the ideal pool for this type of cleaner.

You can buy automatic pool cleaners in Pittsburgh at one of Valley Pool & Spa’s six locations throughout the area. Stop in and let our experts recommend the best pool-cleaning methods for you.