Why would you even think about using a public pool this summer?

Join Valley Pool & Spa for the 100 Pools in 10 Days Sale

starting April 11, 2019! 

All 100 pools during the next 10 days will be offered hundreds of $$ off the regular price! Plus you will get the Valley Premier Pool Accessory Package FREE! What’s in the Valley Premier Pool Accessory Package you might ask, well let me tell you! It is just about everything you will need for the summer!

premier package
  • A brand new solar cover to keep the heat in on chilly nights which not only saves you money on chemicals but also on water since the water can not evaporate overnight!

  • A magnetic color-changing pool light with a remote, this pool light can attach anywhere on your pool wall and have fun changing the colors to set the mood or put on one of the light show settings for a pool party! 

  • All the chemicals you need to start your pool! This one is huge! Valley Pool & Spa is not like other pool stores, they take the time to test your personalized water and get you what you NEED! There is no cookie-cutter box and a pat on the back to be on your way, they walk you through the steps to keep your pool healthy and safe for your family and they even print you out your very own personalized maintenance calendar to follow weekly (plus they laminate it to make it waterproof! Fancy!). 

  • On top of all the chemicals to balance your pool water you also get your choice of chemical system! Pick from the Frog Leap mineral system which reduces the amount of chlorine usage by 70%! That’s a huge savings! The other option is the Pristine Blue Chemical Line for those who want to stick with a liquid only easy, peezy system. The chemical specialists at Valley Pool & Spa will explain everything and answer questions to figure out what the best system is for your lifestyle!

  • Lastly, the winter cover for your pool! Nobody thinks of this when they are buying the pool for the summer because in our minds we don’t ever want the summer to end (Am I right?) Valley Pool & Spa go the extra step to store the cover for you until you are ready for it. You receive a voucher at the end of summer to stop in at your convenience to pick up your cover and you have the option of upgrading at that time as well! 

  • That should be everything you need for your new pool.. wrong! There is also a coupon for 50% off ALL toys, rafts, floats, goggles, games, every single fun item you will need to make your pool the coolest on the block! Don’t forget a relaxing raft for yourself, it’s not always all about the kids right?!

  • During the 100 Pools in 10 Days Event there is one more exciting thing added to all 100 pools on top of the super sale price and free upgrade to the Premier package, you will also get a FREE AUTOMATIC VACUUM! Use your new raft you just got to relax while your automatic vacuum cleans the pool for you! That’s a $199 value! 

Now if all the enticing sales and freebies didn’t make you want to run to Valley Pool & Spa to buy an aboveground swimming pool for your family this summer let me just remind you of a couple more reasons why you really should jump feet first (see what I did there?) to buy your own pool and avoid the public pools this summer.


  1. Public pools are crawling with germs and bacteria- Have you ever been to the amusement park public pool and seen the sights? Saggy diapers, sneezing people, nobody leaving the pool for hours to go to the bathroom… yeah, it’s all in the water and no amount of chlorine can kill every single germ that is in that pool as it gets in the water. 
  2. 1 in 5 adults pees in the pool- Whether it’s because they are too lazy or fear leaving their children to use the bathroom there was a study done in 2012 by the Water Quality & Health Council that found that one in every five of U.S. adults admits to urinating in the pool. If they aren’t leaving to go to the bathroom themselves then you know their kids are going either…which means other bodily fluids could be lurking. 
  3. Some bacteria are resistant to just chlorine- While chlorine is the most common sanitizer of swimming pools and the most effective when public pools are packed the amount of chlorine dissipates with every germ the chlorine needs to kill. In your own swimming pool you have the control over who goes in your pool and what goes in your pool. Shocking the pool weekly along with maintenance chemicals help to keep all bacteria out of your pool and off your family. 
  4.  People don’t bathe before they swim- Another report from the Water Quality and Health Council also found that 70% of people do not even rinse off before getting in a pool because they feel it is a “communal bathtub”, um, ick. I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of taking a bath with multiple people let alone hundreds of people. It’s important to at least rinse off before getting into a pool or hot tub to keep the swimming water healthy for everyone. Having your own backyard oasis can let you keep tabs on any “dirty swimmers” that try to take a “bath” with you.           crowded bathtub
  5. Irritated eyes, nose, and throats are not from too much chlorine- Chlorine is meant to sanitize the pool and it is a heavy misconception that too much of the chemical will irritate your body. That is not the case, it turns out that red eyes, itchy throats, and burning nostrils come from the direct result of nasty bodily fluids in the water. That’s right, urine, feces, and sweat!  If you have ever been to a pool that has a “strong chemical smell”, it’s not what you think. A strong chemical smell at public pools (you can almost always smell it in hotels that aren’t the greatest in quality) it is not a sign that there is too much chlorine in the water. It actually is an irritant called ‘chloramines’ which are produced when the chemical combines with all the nasty dirt, urine, feces, and sweat from swimmers. These chloramines use up the chlorine, meaning there is not enough to kill all the germs in the water. Again with a pool of your own, you control what goes in the water and you know how sanitized and clean the water is (with the help from Valley Pool & Spa).

Moral of the story, get your own above ground swimming pool from Valley Pool & Spa for your backyard! The care is simple and Valley Pool & Spa is there to help you every step of the way! 

If you’d like a quote before getting everyone in the car for a trip to the pool store feel free to request a quote on the Aboveground Pool page! 

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See you soon! Don’t forget the sale ends April 20, 2019 or once 100 pools are sold so HURRY!