Purchasing a new spa can be the most enjoyable experiences in one’s lifetime. The thought of true relaxation, stress relief, and, maybe most importantly, being pain free are all factors as to why someone may desire a spa. The main obstacle that holds someone back from making their dream purchase is the anxiety of spa maintenance. The good news is that spas are not hard to maintain at all. We’ve narrowed it down to four easy to follow steps. Following these four steps will always lead to a clean, healthy spa to keep you and your family safe, happy, and warm!

spa care
Spa maintenance is an easy four step process done weekly.

Step 1: Circulation

Good circulation in a hot tub creates movement which allows the lines to keep free of debris and allows water turnover. Water turnover is the amount of times your total gallons of spa water completely circulates throughout your filtration system. This leads to good filtration and a cleaner spa. Good circulation is also essential in removing dead spots, which are the hard to clean areas that tend to build up dirt and grime. Keeping your jets running on a cycle throughout the day is a great way to ensure good circulation and cleaner water for your spa.

spa circulation
Keep the spa circulating daily while allowing the water to “breathe” by taking the cover off.

Step 2: Filtration

Good filtration is the absolute best way to keep dirt, debris, and bacteria from resting in your spa. As your water passes through your filter, all of the particles and contaminants are gathered into the filter, where they are stored, and eventually removed once the user cleans the filter. Cleaning a filter is simple, only requiring a light wash with a hose, and an occasional chemical soaking treatment that takes less than one hour to complete. Always remember to replace your filters once they began to wear, as a defective filter will lead to poor filtration. Good filtration is also a key to good health, as pool water sanitation can lead to various illnesses and infections.

Step 3: Cleaning

Keeping your spa clean is essential for healthy water, good circulation, and simply making your spa look nice. Waterline rings, and dead spots will form throughout different areas of the spa, and even though your jets may be running, these particular areas may be missed throughout the day. Cleaning these areas is not difficult, and a simple wipe down with some surface clean or any other non-harmful spa cleaner will certainly get the job done. Using a spa vacuum is also a great idea when cleaning, as it can get rid of the dirt and debris lying along the bottom of your spa. Stop in to your local Valley Pool and Spa location today, as we have both surface cleaners and vacuums available to help with your weekly spa regime.

cleaning a spa
Never use household cleaners in spa or pool water that can cause unfriendly reactions with chemicals in the water.

Step 4: Water Testing

Having your water tested, either at home or at Valley Pool and Spa, is of upmost importance, and will keep your mind at ease knowing that your water is safe for you and your family to soak in. At home testing kits should be used at least twice a week, as your water chemistry can change rapidly, especially when dealing with an outdoor environment. Having “clear” water is not an indicator of clean water and should never be used to solely judge your water chemistry. Most cases of red or dry skin, rashes, and infections stem from people who claimed they believed their water was fine because it was clear. In reality, having your pH and Alkalinity rest at low levels for an extended period of time can cause your water to become acidic, which will have your water looking clear, but enhance the risk of issues with your skin and health. Always keep your balancers in line, and add chemicals as needed.

For best results when testing your spa, stop into your local Valley Pool and Spa location, as water testing is free, supplying you with a printed, detailed water analysis sheet that will let you know exactly how your spa is doing.

Four steps that are extremely simple and highly effective. Buying and maintaining a spa has never been easier! Follow the four basic steps and you will have your spa looking and feeling almost as good as you will!

Happy Soaking,