It’s getting very close to the most wonderful time of the year. That special day, in which we all enjoy the excitement of giving, and of course, receiving gifts to and from our family and friends. With the cold temperatures sweeping on in, there is no better time than now for someone to be using their spa at home. If you happen to know someone that has a spa, and wanted to find that perfect gift for them this Holiday, then Valley Pool & Spa has you covered. Here are some great stocking stuffers for spa owners that will have them soaking in the fun this Christmas!

Aromatherapy Crystals

Spa aromatherapy crystals are more than just a fragrance for your spa. They make the water feel even more soothing, all the while relieving aches and pains caused from muscle soreness and arthritis. Spazazz even offers a product dedicated to helping those struggling with respiratory issues stemming from allergies and cold flu’s. Simply disperse the crystals into your spa, run the jets, and feel your airways open as you can finally start breathing normally. All of the various products from Spazazz will make the perfect gift for someone in need of deep relaxation, stress relief, and pain aggravation. I think it’s safe to say that we may all be in need of stress relief this Holiday season.

Spazazz bundle
Spa aromas come in a plethora of scents for every mood. Available in crystals and elixirs.

Spa Booster Seat

Spa booster seats make a great gift for any spa owner, even if you’re not short. Sometimes it can be difficult retaining your exact position while relaxing in a spa. Whether it’s from sliding along the spa surface, or if you are in fact too short in height for the spa itself, a spa booster seat won’t budge under the water. The seat will keep the user perfectly positioned for a relaxing experience. Stop into your local Valley Pool & Spa today, where we have a variety of colors you could choose from.

Booster Seat for Hot tubs.
Inflatable Booster seat for hot tubs.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Playing cards are a great activity for any at home get- together. Imagine how much fun it would be playing your favorite card games while relaxing in the spa with family and friends. Waterproof playing cards would make an awesome gift for any spa owner this holiday, and would certainly lead to more game nights in the future. Pick up a pack of waterproof cards today and get those stockings filled early this year!

Waterproof playing cards
Waterproof playing cards are the perfect gift for any spa or pool owner. Also great for the beach!

Valley Pool & Spa Gift Card

One thing we know all spa owners need in order to keep their spas going is chemicals! We couldn’t make a list of the best spa gifts without including the most important factor in maintaining a spa. Now you may be thinking about the fact that you yourself aren’t sure about what chemicals are used in a spa. Or, you may be wary about which chemicals the individual you are purchasing for uses in their spa. Don’t worry, Valley Pool & Spa has you covered. Valley Pool & Spa features chemical gift cards that can be issued up to $500 dollars! Just stop in, state the amount you are wanting to place on the card, and be on your way with the perfect spa gift for this Holiday season.

Valley Gift Cards
Valley Gift Cards can be purchased at any denomination.

So there you have it! The list of some of the best spa stocking stuffers you can purchase this season. Make sure you stop into your local Valley Pool & Spa to check out all of the spa products available. Most importantly, all of us at Valley Pool & Spa are wishing you all a wonderful Holiday this season!

Happy Holidays,