If you own a home you, by now, should know that saving a buck doesn’t always get the best results, especially in the long run. The Valley Difference when purchasing a hot tub is not scientific or complicated. The Valley difference for hot tubs is that we care. We care about how long your hot tub lasts. We care about the chemicals that go into your hot tub. We care about the safety and health of you and your family while using the hot tub. We do not want to sell you a hot tub and move on to the next customer that walks in the door. If you have a question, we are here for you.

When purchasing a hot tub or swim spa there are some key items you want to figure out before putting money on the table.

  1. Where will I put my new investment. – Knowing where you want to put your new hot tub or swim spa gives you the knowledge of how big of a model you can fit at your home.
  2. Why do I want a new hot tub or swim spa?- Do you want to relax? Do you want to exercise? Is this a new place to entertain friends and family? All of these questions will help to pick out the type of jet count, seat count, and features you want to have in your new investment.
  3. What happens after the sale?- This one is the most important of them all. Will you be called about your delivery? Do you get to pick when you want it delivered? Do you have someone to call at the company in case something goes wrong or you need help?

Valley Pool & Spa has been selling hot tubs since 1967 and since then we have learned a thing or two. Number 3 on the list is the most important to ask and to know about Valley. From the sales floor to your backyard, Valley will hold your hand and be there for you every step of the way. Valley’s White Glove Delivery Service brings your hot tub to your home and puts it in place for you, not at the curb like some competitors. The White Glove Delivery Service also puts together your accessories such as the coverlifter and steps that come with your hot tub package. We will also remove the wrapping from your new hot tub and take the trash with us, give you a water sample bottle to bring into the store for a personalized water test, water care lesson, and personalized start up chemicals so all you need to worry about is filling your spa and relaxing.

That’s not all. Valley Pool & Spa will still be with you even after the relaxation begins. Valley has a full service team ready to help with anything you may need in the future for the life of your hot tub! All ten locations across Pennsylvania and Ohio also stock filter cartridges, chemicals and accessories you may want for your hot tub plus you have access to the best of the best professionals in water chemistry at your beckon call!

Why would you choose anyone else to purchase your next backyard investment from? Fly by night hot tub shows may come and go with “leftover” hot tubs picked up at a warehouse but who do you call once the circus leaves town? Choose the right option and call your Valley Pool & Spa Specialists to get you started on the right path towards hydrotherapy and relaxation and experience the Valley Difference.

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