Keeping your pool’s water clean, clear, and safe to swim in is crucial to making the most of your summer. While it’s actually a simple thing to do if you’ve got the knowledge and the right tools, sometimes the pool water testing is best left in the hands of pool professionals. 

That’s why Valley Pool & Spa offers free water testing along with an in-store lesson from chemical experts on how to create a safe and healthy pool season for you and your family. 

Simply bring in a water sample when you’re having trouble keeping your pool clean and clear, and we’ll test it to see what needs to be done to get your water quality back on track.

Why Should You Do Regular Pool Water Testing?

You may be able to keep your water looking relatively clear for a while without regular testing, but that doesn’t mean the water chemistry is where it needs to be. If it’s not, some problems for your pool season may be just around the corner. 

Once the water starts turning green, cloudy, or both, it can be a serious headache to get it back to swimming condition. It can also potentially pose a risk to the health of anyone who might swim in it. Regular pool water testing can help you avoid these issues and get the maximum amount of pool time this summer.

How Often Should I Test My Water?

As a rule of thumb, testing your pool’s water about once a week should be all you need to keep it clear, but there are some reasons why you may want to test more frequently. 

For instance, when the weather is particularly warm for a few consecutive days, when you’ve had heavy rain, or when the pool gets heavy use, you may want to test more than once a week.

How Can I Test My Pool Water?

Checking your pool’s water chemistry is an easy task, and it can be done in a variety of ways. Below are your pool water testing options.

Use a Liquid Test Kit

Pool water test kit in hand - Valley Pool and Spa talks about pool water testing.

For a super accurate way to check your pool’s water chemistry, there’s not a better option than a liquid test kit. 

However, while accuracy is obviously important, there are some drawbacks to liquid test kits that are worth considering. For one, they’re more expensive than a pack of test strips. They also require a bit more work, which can get to be a headache week after week.

Use Test Strips

Pool water test kit in hand - Valley Pool and Spa talks about pool water testing.

Test strips are not quite as accurate as liquid test kits, but they’re faster, easier, and more affordable. You simply take a strip, dip it into the water, and wait a moment while the little tabs change color based on the chemistry of the water. 

You’ll then compare the tabs to a chart located on the test strip packaging to determine which chemicals the water is lacking and which chemicals it may have too much of.

Use a Digital Tester

Digital pool testers are fast, easy, and accurate. You simply dip one end into the water and it will give you a digital readout of the pool’s water chemistry. They require a bigger upfront investment than other methods, but they’ll also last longer than a pack of test strips or a liquid test kit.

Bring It to Valley Pool & Spa

Testing your pool’s water is simple, but knowing what to do with the information gained from that test is a bit more complicated. Sometimes it’s best to bring a water sample to the pool experts at Valley Pool & Spa so they can help you test your pool’s water chemistry and determine what you need to get it looking clean and clear once again.

We won’t just test the water and offer you the necessary chemicals, either. The Valley experts will run your water through a modern, computerized, accurate water laboratory. Then they will explain why you need each chemical, give you suggestions, and teach you how to use each chemical safely and correctly. 

Need Pool Water Testing?

If you want a professional’s opinion, stop by Valley Pool & Spa with a water sample today. We’ll have your pool or hot tub looking crystal clear and perfectly clean in no time! We also offer pool opening and pool closing services to make sure your pool is prepared for every season!