three happy children in a pool

If you are looking to get a pool this summer, you may be stuck between getting an in-ground or above ground pool. While both have their advantages, an above ground pool may be better for your property in the long run. Here are four benefits to installing an above ground pool.

Cost – Installing an above ground pool costs less than an in-ground one because you don’t need to dig on the property. In addition, above ground pools tend to be smaller than in-ground pools, meaning they require less maintenance and chemicals.

Installation – Above ground pools are fast and straightforward to install. While an in-ground pool can take a long time and cost thousands in construction costs alone, an above ground pool can be installed and ready to go in a day.

Features – Getting an above ground pool does not mean that you have to compromise on features. You can still install fun features like diving boards and water fountains.

Safety – Depending on how your pool is set up, it can be harder for children and small pets to fall into an above ground pool. If your pool is located next to your deck, you can install a latched gate to prevent an accident when the pool is not in use.

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