Swimming Pool Fitness- Use your pool to keep healthy

A backyard swimming pool offers movement that translates to exercise that builds stamina and muscle strength. Your pool is good for physical therapy, burning calories and losing weight, and basically a healthier you!

Swimming relaxes and rehabilitates muscles and joints and can be enjoyed by the injured, the elderly, and the handicapped. Moving your arms and legs against the resistance of the water is equivalent to exercising with weights. Even if you have issues that typically prevents you from exercising, you can be active in the pool because the natural buoyancy of water supports you. Swimming is often prescribed as the remedy for people with back or joint problems or injuries suffered from sports or accidents. Older generations, especially, find that swimming is an excellent way to realize the aerobic benefits of exercise with minimal stress.

Swimming in a pool can be great for pregnant women, too as is known to help you rest easier when baby is at ease in the water. You are lighter in the water so all movement is easier. You see on all the extreme weight loss shows on every network lately and the first part of their exercise routine normally starts out with them exercising in the water. 

Swimming Pool Fitness- Use pool toys to help with balance and resistance
Swimming Pool Fitness- No matter what shape, size, or age, exercising in water is perfect for anyone to keep healthy and fit.

Swim off the excess weight! The more body fat a person has, the more buoyant, which makes it easy to enjoy swimming and exercising. Water aerobics are a popular and effective way to move and shed the excess pounds, but even just being in the pool and moving around is a step in the right direction. Make a plan when you are in the pool to tread water, swim back and forth, run side to side, jump up and down, and do aerobic exercises. You can even use  pool toys and floats to help with your routine.

Swimming Pool Fitness- Use of pool noodles while exercising in water helps with resistance.
Swimming Pool Fitness- Using a pool noodle can help with resistance in the pool while exercising and stretching muscles.

Try using a noodle to push and pull water away and towards you to strengthen arms or use a raft to hold on to while kicking the water to exercise leg muscles. It’s not only good for your health, it is loads of fun!

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– Corinne S. Kraft