Create an original Valley Pool and Spa backyard oasis in no time with these tips and tricks for poolside gardening- keeping bugs away from the pool or hot tub this summer.

The first thing that people may fear when planting around the pool or hot tub is the affect the chlorine water will have on the plants. Believe it or not, the chlorine water doesn’t effect plants at all and you can actually water the plants with pool water if you’d like! Since the plants will most likely be ‘full-sun’ varieties they will need more water which means the kids splashing will actually help more than hinder your precious posies. Get the kids a squirt gun raft like the Swimline Fire Boat Squirter or Spaceship Squirt Raft to make sure your plants are always watered!

Poolside Gardening- Keeping Bugs Away. Poolside plants help to keep bugs away
Poolside Gardening- Keeping Bugs Away. Gardening around the pool can help keep bugs away and you can water the garden with pool water!

Flowers and plants are nice to plant in the ground around the pool if you stick to non-littering plants and flowers but to create a true oasis use pots and large containers to display many shapes, sizes and colors. Using large pots allows tall grasses, or trees in the middle while lower succulents, vines, and other draping plants create an artistic structure.

Poolside Gardening- Keeping Bugs Away. Potted plants help on decks and around pools.
Poolside Gardening- Keeping Bugs Away. Plant in large pots for movable and decorative gardening.

Planting tall grasses also allows for your outside living decor to do double duty, not only will it look fabulous and create a relaxing environment but with the right plants, bugs can be repelled! That’s right! Keep mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and other insects away from your peaceful oasis by planting these plants.

Lemon Grass– Citrus smelling and keeps mosquitoes away

Basil– Wards off flies and mosquitoes

Rosemary– Repels mosquitoes and adds amazing flavor to chicken

Lavender– Relaxing smell AND keeps away mosquitoes, flies, and moths

Marigolds– Just not another Mother’s Day flower, plant these to keep away aphids and mosquitoes

Catnip– For when you love cats but hate bugs…

Chrysanthemums– They repel everything but men, which I am perfectly ok doing myself. This flower keeps mosquitoes, roaches, beetles, ticks AND silverfish!

Poolside Gardening- Keeping Bugs Away. Large pots of lemongrass keep insects away.
Poolside Gardening-Keeping Bugs Away. Lemongrass and other fragrant plants will keep mosquitoes at bay.

For more information about what plants to keep around your pool follow Valley Pool and Spa on Pinterest! We have a whole section devoted to planting around the pool!


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