The Super Bowl is coming up so why not try tailgating hot tub style! One of the most watched sports events calls for a big celebration, even if your home team isn’t competing. So you don’t have a hot tub so how can you have a hot tub tailgate? We can help! Obviously the hot tub is the key part to this party, other than the creative commercials and larger than life football plays, so why not start at the beginning. 

Desk box photo

First Step: Shop for the Hot Tub

Hot Tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Our preference for a tailgating hot tub party is the BestLife Hot Tubs exclusively at Leslie’s and Valley Pool & Spa. These hot tubs have everything you need for the big game and everyday after. Take a look at the F50 model to fit the whole gang. The My-F50 comes standard with all the bells and whistles to make your party on SuperBowl Sunday and after the talk of the neighborhood. 

Second Step: Listen or watch the game

You will need some way to enjoy the game while you relax in your hot tub. You can listen to the game on the MyAudio bluetooth system in a My-F50 hot tub and watch it on a big screen, or opt for a projector and a large wall if you want to WOW your guests. The MyAudio system in BestLife Hot Tubs allows you to listen to music, sports, and audio books without straining to hear while the jets are operating. 

Third Step: Create an ambience

Decorations, noise makers, and lighting are some great ways to create the perfect tailgating hot tub party. The BestLife Hot Tubs all come standard with inside and outside lighting. Switch the lights to your favorite team’s colors or have the lights flow through a rainbow of colors for the ultimate party decor. 

Fourth Step: FOOD!

No party is complete without food and beverages. Check out the Valley Pool & Spa Pinterest page for the best party foods to eat in a hot tub! Use the integrated serving tray on the BestLife hot tub to serve drinks and snacks! Also no need to get out of the tub to reach for your next frosty beverage… BestLife Suite Packages come equipped with a cooler on either side of the wide storage steps! Just fill with ice and pick your poison! How convenient is that!?

Now just welcome your guests, turn on the game, and let the memories to last a lifetime commence, trust us they will never forget your tailgating hot tub style! 

(Don’t forget to go to the bathroom during the game… not the commercials, those are the best part!)

Have a blast! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!