SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock



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Restore you water clarity with SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock. The Enhanced Spa Shock removes waste from bathers like body oils, perspiration, and cosmetics from the water and removes unpleasant odors. Use with chlorine or bromine spas, no need to pre-dissolve just add to the water with the jets on and soak as soon as 15 minutes later.

Multi-purpose shock to clarify, floc, buffer pH, and oxidize the water all in one simple dose. Use as part of regular maintenance or troubleshooting. Recommended to use weekly in most spas and more frequently for heavy bather loads or commercial spas.

Available in 2 Lb and 6 Lb containers.

Brands: SpaGuard

Size: 2 lbs | 6 lbs

UPC: 017541644969 | 017541651325