Poolife NST Prime Cal-Hypo 3 Inch Chlorine Tabs – 9LB

SKU: 22425


Imagine stepping into a pool with water so clean, it shimmers like a pristine gem. With Poolife NST Prime Cal-Hypo 3 inch Tabs, you can transform this dream into a reality! These slow-dissolving tablets are specially formulated to sanitize your pool water effectively without adding any Cyanuric Acid (CYA). Compatible with various pool systems, including chlorine, salt chlorine generators, ozone, and mineral systems, as well as floaters, skimmers, and feeders, these tabs ensure a hassle-free pool maintenance routine. Say goodbye to cloudy and dull water, and hello to a refreshing and inviting swimming pool!

Brands: Poolife

Size: 9 lbs | 20.2 lbs