Poolife MPT Extra 3 Inch Chlorine Tabs



Experience the convenience of Poolife MPT Extra 3 Inch Tabs and take pool maintenance to a whole new level. These easy-to-use 3″ tablets are a game-changer, combining the power of sanitization, algae prevention, and water clarification in one simple solution. No more worrying about cloudy water or algae growth – Poolife MPT Extra 3 Inch Tabs have got you covered. Plus, they offer unmatched protection against chlorine loss caused by direct sunlight, ensuring your pool stays fresh and inviting. Compatible with floaters, skimmers, and feeders, these tabs provide a hassle-free experience for every pool owner. Dive in and discover the effortless way to keep your pool pristine with Poolife MPT Extra 3 Inch Tabs.

Brands: Poolife

Size: 11 lbs | 21 lbs