FROG @ease Floating System SmartChlor Refill Chlorine 3-Packs for Spas

SKU: 01-14-3258


The easiest maintenance for a spa is the @ease Floating System which consists of a mineral pack and SmartChlor catridge. Take the guess work out of when you need to drain and refill your spa! Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts up to 4 weeks, the whole floating system will flip over to show the silver bottom when the SmartChlor cartridge needs to be changed. Once the SmartChlor cartridge that comes with the whole floating system and this refill 3-pack are used up it is time to change the water and purchase a new @ ease Floating System! No guess work, no mess. Save time and money!

  • Take the guess work out of draining and refilling times
  • No mess, No stress
  • 3 SmartChlor cartridges per order
  • Simply attaches to @ease Floating System
  • Replace when the silver SmartChlor cartridge is flipped over

For hot tubs up to 600 gallons. Always balance pH and alkalinity in spa water.

Brands: Frog

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