FROG @ease Floating System – Mineral and SmartChlor Pack

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@ease Floating Mineral System

@ease Floating System for spas is the newest innovation in spa care. The SmartChlor Technology self-regulates chlorine in your water and uses 75% less than regular hot tub chemical systems. The easiest spa chemical system on the market, use natural minerals to sanitize the water and get rid of awful chlorine or bromine smelling water, and no more faded bathing suits.

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    @ease Floating Spa System Includes-

    (1) @ease Floating System (mineral and 1 smart chlor pack)
    (1) Bottle of @ease Test Strips
    (1) Frog Jump Start Shock

    @ease System Q & A-

    Will I need to purchase anything else for my spa? Only if you need to balance your pH and alkalinity in your water. Use the @ease test strips to determine if your water is in the correct ranges for the @ease Floating System to work properly.

    Can anyone use the @ease system in their spa? YES! One floating system can sanitize up to 600 gallons. If you have a larger spa you can use two floating systems at one time.

    What side is what chemical? How long does Each one last? The blue top is the mineral pack that will last up to 4 months, the silver pack is the SmartChlor chlorine that will last 3-4 weeks. The floating system will flip when the SmartChlor pack is empty telling you it’s time to change packs.

    Why do my cartridges still feel full when I’m due to replace them? The @ease mineral pack (blue) will still feel like it is full because the minerals do not disintegrate.

    Can someone allergic to chlorine use @ease? The @ease system uses 75% less chlorine than ordinary chlorine spas. Most of the sanitizing is done by minerals and is a perfect system for people with sensitive skin. Consult a physician first if you are highly allergic.

    What if I use bromine in my spa? Simply purchase System Renew or Spa Purge to clean the lines out of your spa then drain and refill with fresh water before using the @ease Floating System.

    What if I have cloudy/hazy water? Drain and refill your spa every 4 months, chemically clean your filter, and make sure your chemicals are balanced according to the @ease test strips included.

    Have a question not answered above? Give us a call or chat live with us during store hours.

    *Hot tub manufacturers recommend draining and refilling any hot tub every 4 months.