Caribbean Blue Sand Assist Filter Enhancer

SKU: C002816-CS40OZ


Sick of cloudy water? Improve the efficiency of your sand swimming pool filter with Caribbean Blue Sand Assist. Just a few teaspoons will treat even the largest filtering system to keep tiny microns of dirt from flowing back into your pool.

Reduce chemical use and even cleaning when using Caribbean Blue Sand Assist. The ingredients in Sand Assist create a sticky polymer on the top of the filter sand that helps trap the tiniest specks of dirt going into your sand pool filter creating less hassle for you. Using Caribbean Blue Sand Assist makes your sand filter as efficient as a top of the line Diatomaceous Earth filtering system saving you money!

Enjoy your pool! After treating with Sand Assist, backwash and clean your filter as directed. Add Caribbean Blue Sand Assist to your filter every other backwash to have clear water all season!

Brands: Caribbean Blue

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