It’s that time of year when the sun is shining, kids are almost done with school, and all you can think about is getting to the weekend! What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a Pool Party from Valley Pool & Spa! Pool Party season is their specialty, every thing you need to get the party started just add some awesome summer food and icy cold beverages! Here is a short list of things to get ready when planning your next pool party for the family! 

Always have enough goggles! Kids will stay entertained for hours by searching for items on the bottom of the pool but if someone doesn’t have their own set of goggles it takes the fun out of it! Valley Pool & Spa has the BIGGEST selection of goggles and masks for all ages! Shop the enormous selection at any of their six locations! 

Games! This doesn’t have to be anything big, pick up some dive games or teach the kids how to play Marco, Polo. Give them the tools and let them use their imaginations! Valley Pool & Spa has an entire two aisles of games for the pool, dive games, volleyball, basketball, corn hole, Pool Pong, toypedos, arcade games, fishing games, and more!


Tubes and rafts are a must at EVERY pool party. Gather some tubes to keep on hand for guests to float or a bunch of noodles for in-pool seating. Valley Pool & Spa brings in the trendiest pool floats every year to make your pool the talk of the neighborhood. Grab a large animal float to create a laugh at your party or fill the pool with “adult beverage” rafts and have the best adult pool party that will be talked about for years! 


FOOD! You can never have a party without food. The awesome thing about pool parties is that nobody really cares what the food is as long as there is some. Be simple with hot dogs and hamburgers or construct a giant sub sandwich to feed a crowd. Chips, pretzels, and dips are also great for pool parties. Ask your guests to bring a potluck dish since you are supplying the pool! 


Cold drinks are always needed. Even though you aren’t feeling like you are working out, your body is burning calories with every swim stroke you take. Make sure there are plenty of cold drinks for everyone! Popsicles and slushies are also big favorites during pool party season. 


Send out that Facebook invitation, get the group text ready, go to Valley Pool & Spa with a pool water sample and get ready to PAAAAAAAARTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYY! 

Have Fun! 


PS. Valley Pool & Spa also does FREE water testing for your pool water so you can make sure it is clean and safe before AND after the party!