little boy wearing goggles in pool giving thumbs up

When people think of the dangers of swimming pools in Pittsburgh, PA, drowning tends to be what comes to mind. However, electrocution poses just as much of a threat. A few simple prevention habits have the potential to save you and your family or guests from a painful experience.

The first step is to ensure that your installation is performed by qualified professionals who are familiar with safety requirements. Valley Pool & Spa is one source for installation, especially since they offer pool promotions and a range of services. Once the pool is installed, all appliances, cords, and equipment should be kept at least 6-10 feet away from the water. Try to use batteries where possible, and never handle these devices when wet. Finally, have your pool, and all of its equipment inspected regularly.

What to Do in an Emergency

Prevention methods, such as not swimming in a thunderstorm, are always the best solutions. Another strategy is to learn how to turn off the power in case an electric shock begins to occur.

If someone does get electrocuted while swimming, don’t go in after them. Instead, use a rescue hook that doesn’t conduct electricity and have someone call 911. Be sure to avoid metal ladders, and position the person on their back so they can receive CPR if necessary.