Safety Pool Covers

Safety pool covers not only provide protection for your pool, they also protect against neighborhood children from wandering into the water and potentially drowning. But there are so many choices that it could be overwhelming. Here’s some information on selecting the right cover for your in the ground pool.

Looking at the Durability of Safety Pool Covers

When looking at safety pool covers, take a close look at the grommets that will secure your new one to the rest of the structure. They need to be reinforced and sturdy so that the cover will stay in place on a windy day or during a storm. Pool owners usually use water tubes to hold down the pool cover but with a safety cover the whole cover is held by nylon straps and anchors that are secured into the cement or decking around the pool.  


High-quality safety pool covers are thick enough to not only keep out debris such as leaves, but also damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays can break down chemicals and allow algae to bloom, leading to a major mess once you’re ready to use the pool again. Choosing the right cover will go a long way toward ensuring that your water will be crystal clear and free of debris. Ask to see a sample of the different covers available from Valley Pool & Spa. Always remember even if the cover is able to let water through you still want to keep an eye on the amount of water that is sitting on the cover and pump the excess water off when needed.

Proper Installation

It will be very important that your cover is not only durable and thick, but you also need to make sure it’s installed correctly. A properly installed cover will not only keep out debris, but will make sure that no pets or children can get into the pool. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions closely so that you don’t have any problems. Valley Pool & Spa will install the new safety cover for you! Stop in to see what options are available. 

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At Valley Pool & Spa, we carry a wide range of durable, high-quality GLI safety pool covers. We can help you choose the right model and install it right the first time. Contact us online or call 412-824-3030 to learn more or schedule an appointment.