Hot Tubs

You probably love soaking in your hot tub for the pure pleasure of it, but did you know that there are also several health benefits to doing so? Here are just some of them!

1) Reduce Stress. Dozens of studies have shown that merely soaking in a hot tub can significantly reduce any physical and mental anxiety that you may have. Talk about a great benefit!

2) Reduce Chronic Pain. If you suffer from any type of chronic pain issues (or arthritis!), bubbles from the hot tub’s jets can increase your blood circulation and also relax your muscles. This leads to less inflammation in your joints, which can greatly help with pain. With regular hot tub use, you’ll likely experience better flexibility and a wider range of physical motion.

3) Get Better Sleep at Night. If you’ve ever gotten in a good hot tub session at night, then you know: you sleep like a baby afterwards! It’s no coincidence that you tend to fall asleep quickly after being in a hot tub. When your body is warm and relaxed, you’re more likely to fall into a deep sleep with no (or fewer) disruptions. And we probably don’t have to tell you that getting a great night’s sleep has tons of benefits, including: better moods, mental alertness, and even weight loss. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, investing in a hot tub can greatly help with this.

4) Lower Your Blood Pressure. Increased warmth causes your cells to dilate, which helps to lower your blood pressure. Increased blood flow produces extra oxygen, your cells get revitalized, and you feel rejuvenated!

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