Hot Tub & Spa Expo 2018- Monroeville Convention Center 

On January 26th-28th, Valley Pool & Spa will be displaying over 30 hot tubs and a full size, filled, swimming pool on the show floor of the Monroeville Convention Center in Pennsylvania at the Home Show. This Monroeville Home Show is just the beginning of the spa season for Valley Pool & Spa. This year they plan to bring in over 100 in-stock hot tub models to be delivered to a residence near you as soon as possible AT THE BEST DEALS ever!

hot tub spa expo

Hot tub and Spa Expos have gotten a bad reputation in the past due to out-of-state companies coming in to events, offering fake deep discounts with high pressure salespeople and a million gimmicks to hype the show, only to be let down when you get there. Valley Pool & Spa hopes to not only change how you think of buying spas from expos, but also help educate consumers on what to look for in a hot tub or pool for their family along with what to look for in the company selling these products. (Plus, to also get a HUGE deal when you buy at the show)

Here are just some of the reasons WHY YOU SHOULD buy your new spa or pool from Valley Pool & Spa at the Monroeville Home Show on January 26-28, 2018- 

  • Totally worth the hype- While other expos by out-of-state companies may advertise that they are showing multiple brands of spas with dozens on display only for you to show up and see 10 tubs that all look the same on the floor, Valley Pool & Spa is showing not only two different brands but over 20 different spa models. Valley Pool & Spa is also displaying over 30 hot tubs in all different shapes and colors with over 100 instock.
  • No high pressure sales people- Valley Pool & Spa sends their six location general managers and pool and spa managers to the expos so you have the highest quality of knowledge for any questions you may have when purchasing your spa. Collectively over 100 years of experience with no pressure. Normal run-of-the-mill spa expos hire commission based salesmen to pressure people into giving them money for the “best” deal only to disappear as soon as the show is over. 
  • The honest deals- While at the ‘other’ spa expos you will be told you are getting the best deal they can give you only to find out you are paying retail. Valley Pool & Spa is offering the BEST deal of the year on brand new in-stock spa models along with free steps, free cover lifters, free delivery, AND they will pay your tax during the show! Since they are a local store they have the ability to buy low and pass the savings off to you! 
  • Exclusive support and service- If you have ever known someone who bought a spa at one of those BIG HOT TUB AND SPA EXPOS they have probably run into problems or had questions and did not know where to turn. Buying a spa from Valley Pool & Spa gives you the peace of mind that if you have any issues you can visit or contact any of their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania locations or call their service department. They also have a huge Facebook following and can be messaged or even emailed with any questions and you will be answered almost right away! Valley Pool & Spa services every pool, spa, and piece of equipment they sell. They have strong relationships with the manufacturers of the products and can easily get parts plus go through extensive training on how to troubleshoot all issues that may arise.
  • Know who you are buying from- Hot tub and spa expos are normally advertised as a show so you have no idea who you are buying from. They could change their name and switch brands frequently. When you purchase from Valley Pool & Spa, you are purchasing from a locally operated company that has been in Pittsburgh since 1967. You can check the reputation of Valley Pool & Spa on their website and even follow them on social media. Valley Pool & Spa is not just for pool and spa sales but they know how to solve water issues, equipment service, and even show you some of the coolest pool toys in the area. Valley Pool & Spa currently has five locations in the Pittsburgh area ready to serve you with a brand new North Hills location opening in the Spring of 2018. 
hot tub & spa expo

If you are considering purchasing a hot tub in the near future, this is your time. If you are not prepared for a hot tub now but are dreaming about the relaxation and stress relief you yearn for, visit the show and the Valley Pool & Spa team can educate you on what to look for in a spa in the future to benefit YOU! Don’t waste your time with the rest, visit Valley Pool & Spa at the Monroeville Home Show this January. 

Don’t miss the HOT TUB EXPO, powered by Valley Pool & Spa, in partnership with the MONROEVILLE HOME SHOW(Jan 26-28)

  • HUGE savings up to thousands off MSRP!
  • Financing promo’s up to 60 months with approved credit (apply at the show)
  • “We Pay The Sales Tax” extra savings!
  • FREE accessories valued up to $270 with every spa sold!
  • Over 100 hot tubs instock and over 30 AT the show!
  • PLUS – get immediate delivery INCLUDED on stock spas right after purchase! (weather permitting)
hot tub & spa expo

For directions and details about the Hot Tub & Spa Expo 2018- Visit Monroeville Home Show.

We’ll see you there!