After a long day, there’s nothing better than soaking in your hot tub and letting all your worries drift away. Whether it’s a SwimLife SwimSpa or one from BestLife Spas, people all over Pittsburgh, PA, love their hot tubs — and for good reason. Along with providing general relaxation, they also help relieve pain and tension caused by everyday stress. In order to be completely worry-free while enjoying your spa, it’s important to be aware of hot tub safety standards. We’ll discuss a few tips below:

Moderate the Heat — Keep your body temperature from rising to a dangerous level by setting the water temperature at 102 degrees Fahrenheit or less. If you plan to spend more than 15 minutes in your spa, the maximum temp should be even lower.

Maintain Cleanliness — Prevent bacteria and microorganisms from breeding in your tub by keeping it sanitized. By maintaining the chemical balance in your spa water, you’ll be able to avoid the risk of infection.

Get the OK from a Doctor — People who have heart disease, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, or other serious illnesses should check with their doctor before stepping into a hot tub. The same goes for women who are pregnant.

If you want further safety tips for your hot tub made by BestLife Spas or any other manufacturer, reach out to the good folks here at Valley Pool & Spa. We’re always happy to provide helpful advice.