swimming pools pittsburgh pa

Splashing around in your above ground pool is a childhood summertime highlight — not to mention fun in adulthood too. Make sure your pool is around for you and your family to enjoy for a long time by following these simple tips.

#1 – Follow a Maintenance Schedule

All swimming pools in Pittsburgh, PA, require a certain level of upkeep. Figure out what maintenance needs to be done daily, weekly, and seasonally to keep yours safe — and follow through on the checklist. If you’re not sure what maintenance is necessary when, talk to a pool specialist.

#2 – Keep Water Circulating

Above ground pools tend to suffer from poor water circulation, which leads to algae and other issues. In particular, places like behind ladders, around steps, and any other nooks and crannies tend to have especially still water. Make sure your pool’s pump is doing its job correctly. You can also install return jets and manually circulate water with a pool brush.

#3 – Protect Your Walls

Don’t let people sit on your pool walls; they may crease or crack. You should also watch out for any falling tree branches, kids riding bikes by the pool, or other disasters waiting to happen.

#4 – Prepare for Winter

Pools need to be prepped for winter each year. Winterizing typically includes cleaning thoroughly, lowering the water level, adding pool anti-freeze, and covering it up, among other tasks.

Talk to a specialist at Valley Pool & Spa for more great tips for maintaining your pool this summer.