A hot tub can make just about anywhere on the planet a better place to be, but if there’s one place in particular that is among the finest of them all, it’s Pittsburgh, PA. The Steel City offers a full range of seasons, all with great potential for luxurious hot tub soaking and sports viewing. And the best part is that it’s also home to one of the best spa sales in the country. 

Fountain in Point State Park, Pittsburgh

If you live in Pittsburgh and you’re considering adding a hot tub to your property, then consider the following reasons why doing so would be a fantastic choice:

All-Weather Enjoyment

We all know that pools are associated with summertime, however hot tubs are best used whenever you feel the need to relax, entertain, or have extra family time. In the mid-eastern area of the United States the four seasons are very prominent which makes it hard to use a swimming pool, even with a heater, anytime other than in the Summer. 

Hot tubs, however, can adapt to any season. Sit in the fresh icy air of a spring morning, enjoy a silent snowfall on a winter night, a summer sunset, and a crisp autumn afternoon watching the leaves change colors on nearby trees. Relaxing in your hot tub in any season will help refresh your mind, body, and spirit. 

Relaxing Sports Viewing

Pittsburgh’s love for local sports rivals any other city on the map. Whether it’s the Steelers in the fall and — on a good year — into the winter, the Penguins from the fall to the spring, or the Pirates from spring back through to the fall, there’s always something great to watch. And that’s not even counting our college or semi-pro teams. 

Woman Enjoying Water Massage in hot tub SwimSpa

But what if we told you that your sports viewing could be even more elevated than ever before this coming season with the simple addition of a hot tub to your property? Picture it: you’ve got the outdoor TV ready to go, you’ve got food on the grill, a beverage in hand, and you’re surrounded by friends. Only this time, you’ve got all that plus the luxury of a beautiful Dreammaker, BestLife, or Hydropool hot tub.

Life doesn’t get much better.

Hosting Friends and Family

Your loved ones may already enjoy gathering at your house plenty, but adding a hot tub to the mix can take that enjoyment to another level. Whether you’re having them over for a Fourth of July gathering, a sporting event, a birthday party, or any other cause for celebration, it’ll be all the more enjoyable with the option of relaxing in the spa. 

Children and Grandparents Enjoying a Ball Game in the Swim Spa

And if you’re looking for a way to spend more quality time with your family, then few things can bring you together more easily than the relaxing fun of a hot tub.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Something that makes the city of Pittsburgh a unique place is how much great outdoor enjoyment it offers. There is hiking and biking and rivers for kayaking and canoeing. However, sometimes you want to take it easy and yet still enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own place. When that’s the case, there’s no better option than hopping in a hot tub. 

Install a hot tub on your property or on your rental property near the ski slopes, and you’ll more than likely find that you’re spending more time outside, taking in the peace and serenity of nature and enjoying the fresh air.

The Pittsburgh Super Spa Sale

Of all the many reasons why Pittsburgh is a great place to own a hot tub, the very best may be that it’s home to the Valley Pool & Spa Pittsburgh Super Spa Sale. Valley has been the city’s top pool and spa store for nearly six decades now, and they love to give back to our community every year by offering the best deals you can find on spas in one huge sale. 

Stop by a showroom during the sale for huge savings on all of our 2023 floor-model hot tubs and swim spas. You can save well over $5,000 on your hot tub, with 0% financing available for up to 60 months with approved credit.

Valley Pool & Spa’s Super Spa Sale

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