dog wearing sunglasses sitting on beach chair next to pool

We love our pets like our family, so we don’t want anything to happen to them. During summer season, it’s important to take extra precautions for your pet around the pool. Here are some pool safety tips for pets:

Familiarize them with the Pool – You should get your pet comfortable in the pool from a young age. Even with dogs, you cannot assume your pet can swim. Teach them where the steps are located so that they know how to get out of the pool. Even pets that are good at swimming may panic if they fall in on accident.

  • Note: If your pet is too small to use the steps, do not let them go in the pool.

Supervision – Never let your pet go near or in the pool without supervision. Just like you watch your kids every time they swim, you should be keeping an eye out if little Fido is anywhere near the pool.

Fencing – Installing a fence around the pool is a great way to keep pets safe in your yard if you cannot watch them constantly. This will prevent your pet from getting into the pool when no one is looking.

Pet-Safe Ladder or Steps – A pet-safe ladder is important for pools that do not have steps so that the pet can get in and out easily.

Be Wary of Pool Covers – A dog may mistakenly think that a pool cover is a solid surface, which can lead to tragedy. A pool cover is not a form of protection because they can give out under the weight of an animal or human walking across it, which can lead to your pet getting trapped under the pool cover.

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