water splashing into hand

In our last post, we discussed four ways that you can reduce water waste this swimming season. Here are some more water conservation tips you can use to reduce your impact on the environment and keep your utility bills lower.

Only Backwash Filters when Necessary

Backwashing the filter uses extra water, so try to keep it to a minimum. Keeping your pool filters clean reduces the need for backwashing. You should also only backwash until the water begins to run clean.

Reuse the Backwash

Use the unchlorinated backwash water to water your lawn and landscaping. You can also collect the water and reuse it in the pool.

Add Sanitizer in the Evening

Sunlight makes chlorine dissipate faster, so the best time to add sanitizer to your pool is in the evening. If you have a pump that automatically adds sanitizer, be sure to run the pump at night.

Drain the Pool Only When Necessary

While you may like to start swimming season by emptying and scrubbing your pool, it may not be the best bet. If you have been properly maintaining your pool throughout the winter, you may not need to drain your pool Experts belie that a pool should only be drained once every three to seven years. Draining the pool each year can waste a lot of water.

When you are ready to open your swimming pool in Pittsburgh, PA, stop by one of Valley Pool & Spa’s six locations to have your water tested. Regular testing ensures that your chemicals are at the correct level for your safety.