legs underwater in a swimming pool

When it comes to pools and pool maintenance, everyone has a preference. You’ve probably seen more and more of your friends and neighbors switching to a saltwater system for their pools. These systems convert salt to chlorine using electricity. There are many benefits to using a saltwater generator instead of relying on regular chemicals.

Easier Maintenance

Because the salt water generator makes chlorine, you no longer have to buy it. The chlorine that is generated will disinfect your water and prevent bacteria and algae just as well as a regular chlorine system.

No More Chemical Smell

Many people enjoy swimming in their private or public pool during the summer, but sometimes the chemical smell of the water can be unpleasant. Saltwater systems increase the salinity of the water, which helps to reduce the chemical smell.

Better Water Texture

The added salinity of the pool water also has another benefit: improved water texture. Many pool owners who use a saltwater generator to maintain their pools report a silky water texture that feels amazing when you’re swimming.

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