You can’t wait to dive into your pool the minute the temperature gets warm enough. This is the time of the year to relax and enjoy the simple things — playing with the kids, relaxing by your beautiful pool, and swimming most of all! Your bathing suit and towel are ready, but have you thought about getting your pool ready for the season? Let us help you with these tips for pool maintenance in Pittsburgh:

Removing the Cover — Use a mesh net to get rid of accumulated debris. Then, pump off any water that has collected. After this, you can remove the side weights and finally take off the cover.

Inspecting the Pool — Look for any damage from the cold weather. Then, inspect the pump, plugs, connections, and skimmer basket.

Get the Equipment Ready — Take out the plugs that are in place to prevent water from freezing. Then, put the pump and pool filter back together, reattaching hoses and plugs. Be sure to remember to get all of the air out of the equipment and plumbing before you start the filter.
Checking for Damage — Your pool has a minimal amount of water left from last season, which is the right thing to do. Now add water and see if there is structural damage or water leaking. Follow by cleaning any debris from the water.

Testing the Water — After 8 hours, you can test the water and add the necessary chemicals.

And if you would rather have someone else take care of this, you can skip all of these steps and call an experienced pool company like ours to do the pool preparation for you.