Sun Pool Products Hand Skimmer Net Sock 2 Pack for Pollen and Insects



Easily get pollen and small insects out of the pool by using a Sun Pool Products Hand Skimmer Net Sock. The elastic fine mesh sock fits over most pool and spa skimmer net heads. The pollen, sand, and other small items will stay on the sock instead of floating through the larger nylon mesh. Also perfect for nets that may have seen better days and have worn holes through them! Each Net Sock package comes with two reusable and washable fine mesh socks.

  • Remove pollen and small bugs in a snap
  • Fits on most skimmer nets
  • Can be used for pools or spas
  • Reusable and Washable
  • 2 socks per package

*Skimmer net not included.

Brands: Sun Pool Products

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