Poolife Turboshock 78% Cal-Hypo Chlorine Shock



Poolife Turboshock 78% Cal-Hypo: Instantly revive your swimming pool!
Get ready for crystal clear waters with Poolife Turboshock 78% Cal-Hypo – the ultimate solution to quickly and easily combat algae and bacteria. As the strongest Cal Hypo shock in the industry, this exceptional formula works wonders to restore the sparkle to your pool. Treat your pool water just once a week – no need to pre-dissolve! Follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided on the pack to effortlessly shock treat your pool. Dive into a refreshing swim and enjoy worry-free, pristine waters all season long!

Brands: Poolife

UPC: 073187224057 | 073187741837

Size: 1 lb | 12 lbs | 5 lbs | 25 lbs