Pool Style Winter Closing Kits For All Pools



Kit comes in sizes and includes:

  • 10,000 GALLON- 1 Lb. Non-chlorine shock, 1 Lb. Winterizing Powder
  • 15,000 GALLON- 1 Lb. Non-chlorine shock, 1 Lb. Winterizing Powder, 1 qt. Winter Stain & Scale
  • 30,000 GALLON- 2 Lb. Non-chlorine shock, 2 Lb. Winterizing Powder, 2 Qt. Winter Stain & Scale
  • Don’t forget to add Caribbean Blue Open & Close to your closing kit to keep grit and grime off the pool walls during the winter. Open to a sparkling clean pool in the spring!?

TIP: Do not add winter chemicals to your pool water until the pool reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.


Close your pool by properly balancing the water then adding the PoolStyle Winter Closing Kits. The PoolStyle kits are effective and safe for all pool types. Easy to add to the water and will help provide clean, clear, and quicker openings in the spring. All kits include non-chlorine shock, winterizing powder and winter stain and scale. These chemicals are formulated to be used when the water is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.